Love: Connectivity

Connection is why we’re here. We are hardwired to connect with others, it’s what gives purpose and meaning to our lives, and without is there is suffering.

- Brene Brown

This past weekend was a great weekend. Not just an okay, it wasn’t terrible weekend. I am talking about the kind that will last me through the next week sort of weekend. The only thing that was planned about it was a visit from a cousin and her husband. The rest just happened.

Friday evening, the kids and I were hosting Julia and her husband, Ben. Julia and I have only met in person once or twice. Technically, she is my ex-husband’s cousin. Even though we are no longer married, it doesn’t mean that our family ties are broken. Julia and Ben arrived later Friday evening. It was so much fun just catching up on what is going on in their lives. They are from California and going to Oklahoma the next morning for a wedding. I was so excited when she reached out to see if we could get together. The conversations that we had were wonderful. Learning about what they each do professionally was so interesting. He was very generous and brought a canned that day craft beer for me along with a well sought after bottled beer. Ben works at a brewery in San Jose. I would highly recommend going to Floodcraft Brewing Company if you have the opportunity. Julia is a business owner in Oakland. She owns Corpo Kenetic Pilates & Rehab in Oakland. Hearing about her adventures in ownership was fascinating.

Saturday evening was spent with my very good friends, Lindsey and Jennifer. Our kids have grown up together since they were babies. We had the best time just talking about work and kids and life in general. I loved being able to cook for them as well. Being in the kitchen and listening and participating in conversations while drinking the beer that Ben had brought the previous day was so relaxing. Jennifer had to leave to pick up one of her children. Then Donna and Chris came over to pick up their boys. We opened a bottle of wine and kept the conversation going. Soon Lindsey had to pick up her youngest daughter. Soon after, Donna and Chris took their boys home. The night was spent talking over kids running around just being kids.

Sunday was spent meal prepping and getting ready for the week. Again, I love being in the kitchen. Being able to create something that others enjoy especially my kids is very rewarding. Lindsey and her family stopped by to enjoy some of my meal prep. She seemed very happy with her lunch on Monday based upon a text she sent me.

Spending the weekend connecting with family and friends is something that brings me joy. It fills my heart. The majority of the weekend was not planned. I don’t mind planning events or activities. However, it seems the more spontaneous the gathering, the more enjoyable they are. My kids love when friends and family just show up or they find out we are having an impromptu party. There is no time to stress or worry about anything. I just enjoyed being in the moment with family and friends. The more I step into my life and myself, the more I am learning about what I need and want. Personal connection is definitely on my list of needs. I look forward to continuing to grow my connections.

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